7 Jul 2010

Import & Export Parameters using XML

You can export the Parameter data to an XML file to take a snapshot of the Parameters and their values. This capability is useful if you want to transfer Parameters in one model to another.
During the Export, you choose whether to include All Parameters or just the Key Parameters, see below to learn how this is done:
  • Open the Model that contains the Parameters.
  • On the Ribbon, go to the Manage TAB > Parameters Panel > Export to XML.
  • The Export to XML dialogue appears, where you can accept the location and File name as shown, or specify a new location and name for the XML file.

  • Also, click Options, and choose either Key Parameters Only or All Parameters.

  • Click OK to return to the Export to XML dialogue box.
  • Click Save to Export the Parameters.
The Parameters can be restored later by Importing the data from the XML file you created during the Export.

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