11 Oct 2012

Inventor 2013 Suite Workflows

A Suite Workflow is a mechanism for exporting an engineered design from a source Autodesk product to a target product for detailed rendering or animation. Settings in the workflow automatically transform the design objects for presentation in 3ds Max Design or Showcase. For example, the 3ds Max Design as Solids workflow sends Inventor Models to 3ds Max Design as solid bodies. The Showcase Constraint Animation workflow shows a mechanical assembly in motion, converting a range of constraints into animated behaviors. You can use workflows to prepare for design reviews and to create vivid presentations.

Depending on the suite you have, the source product is either AutoCAD, Inventor or Revit. The target product is always 3ds Max Design or Showcase. The workflows supplied with a suite can vary according to the suite level (Standard, Premium, or Ultimate).

A workflow applies pre-selected settings in 3ds Max Design or Showcase to the design data from the source product (AutoCAD, Inventor or Revit). Different workflows are provided with each source product, and workflows can be optimized for specific purposes, such as high-quality rendering or lighting analysis.

Inventor (Product Design Suite) Workflows are available from the main application menu:

To change Workflow settings, or to create your own Workflows, simply go into the Workflow Manager.

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