12 Oct 2012

Inventor 2013 Dynamic Trim/Extend Sketch Geometry

The Trim and Extend tools in Inventor 2013 work in exactly the same way as before, however they now have a nice addition to make them more flexible.
  • Create or Edit Sketch. Then on the ribbon, click Sketch TAB > Modify panel > Trim or Extend, depending on the task you want to complete.

  • Now In the graphics window, you would normally click on a piece of geometry to either Trim it between two other pieces of geometry or Extend it to another piece of geometry.
  • However in Inventor 2013 you can now click and drag the cursor to Dynamically Trim or Extend sketch geometry.
  • When using Dynamic Extend, depending on the number of times you cross a piece of geometry depends on how far it will Extend. Also, which ever end of the geometry you cross will determine the side of the geometry that will Extend.

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