23 May 2012

LABS - Project Simulus Technology Preview

Project Simulus is a free Technology Preview that showcases a number of innovative approaches to mechanical simulation. This Technology Preview offers powerful geometry modification capabilities through embedding Autodesk Fusion along with a very intuitive simplification environment to prepare various CAD models for different simulation studies. In addition, it provides you with easy and quick ways to set up and run many simulation studies, exploiting the power of Cloud computing that leaves your desktop free of much of the computational burdens.

This version focuses on the following simulation capabilities for Inventor, SAT and STEP based models:
  • Linear static stress offering a variety of contact types, loading and constraint options
  • Modal frequencies
  • Steady state thermal offering temperature, heat flux, convection and radiation type loadings
  • Thermal-stress coupling
Other areas of interest include:
  • Integrated geometry creation and editing
  • Associative model simplification and sharing across different simulations
  • Intuitive and flexible simulation creation and management
  • Robust results viewing
  • Visual Compare environment to compare two result types and/or design variations
  • Ability to interactively work within the simulation environment while studies are being computed on the cloud
  • Quick visualization of under-constrained parts of the assembly
  • Convenience of closing the application while the results are being computed on the cloud and reconnect to them at a later time
  • Save/access simulation documents to/from the cloud


The Project Simulus Technology Preview is now available as a free download and trial. Please download it and let us know what you think. The Technology Preview will operate until January 1, 2013.

You can find the download on Autodesk Labs at:


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