22 Feb 2012

Speed Up Your Server

There are lots of ways to speed up servers, from a general tidy up to new hardware components.

However one area that is often overlooked as a speed trap on servers for moving, copying or general tasks is Antivirus software.

Generally all Antivirus software has a live scan element, which scans each file being accessed, moved, copied etc. This is of benefit, but if you are running Backups of large Vault Filestores or large Assembly Checkin/out. Then each file is not only transferring across a potentially slower network (when compared with moving files around on your local machine), but could be getting a live scan at both Client and Server end of the transaction.

So, one thing to try is to add Autodesk file extensions to your Antivirus's exception list, i.e. not to live scan. File types to try adding are:
  • .IPT
  • .IAM
  • .IDW
  • .DWG
  • .DWF
  • .DWFX
  • .DXF
  • Also, .LDF and .MDF for SQL Databases
We would suggest you discuss this with IT Administrators first to get their approval, but it might be worth testing to see if this alleviates any speed issues you might be having.

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