15 Nov 2011

Make Your Mouse Work Harder

We recently had a support query from one of our customers, with regard to setting the extra buttons on their new shiny Microsoft mouse to operate AutoCAD functions, helping to speed things up.

We thought this was a useful workflow, which others may not have found yet, so thought we would share the details as below:
  • This has only been tested with a Microsoft mouse, but suspect other manufacturers (i.e. Logitech) will have a similar system.
  • Firstly, connect your mouse and download/install the Microsoft Intellipoint software for your device, see the Microsoft website here.
  • Once installed go to Control Panel > Mouse, this should give you the Mouse Properties dialogue as below.

  • In the Mouse Properties dialogue, tick on Enable program-specific settings, then go into Settings...

  • In Program - Specific Settings you can then Add > AutoCAD and customise its button configuration. For instance setting the left and right side buttons to be Function keys, for turning Snap on/off etc.

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