21 Nov 2011

Inventor Data Migration

What is data migration?

Data Migration
is the process of updating Autodesk files and Design Data from a prior release to a newer release.

Do I need to migrate?

It depends. When you upgrade to a new release, Migration of files is not essential; files will be Migrated on their own when you Open and Save a file created in an earlier release (R11 – present) to your current release. Legacy data that is out of production does not require any kind of Migration process.

Here are some considerations that may lead you to Migrate data in advance.
  • You may incur performance issues when you open a large assembly file (file with 100 or more parts) that has not been Migrated using Task Scheduler.
  • If you have Custom Styles or Custom Content Center Libraries and you want to use them in the latest version, you must Migrate them., Please refer to Migrate Custom libraries and Migrate Custom Styles for step-by-step procedure on how to migrate this content for use in the latest release.

Refer to the table below for more information.

Your dataRecommended Migration methodWhy?
Few file dependencies
NOTE: A file dependency is any file type that has references to other files, such as derived parts
Migration not necessary.
Note: Migration occurs when you open and save a file.
Quick and fast
If you have no or limited file dependencies - Inventor will do this for you when you open and save a file
Medium number of files/data sets
(100 parts/assemblies or less)
Migrate CommandQuick and fast
The migrate command will find and migrate loaded dependencies.
Large number of files/data sets
(100 parts/assemblies or more)

Multiple file dependencies
Complex assembly hierarchy
Data in multiple folders
Task SchedulerTo save on performance
Manages the associations for you
NOTE: Task Scheduler manages file associations. This is in contrast to the Open and Save method which migrates a single file on open and save.
Custom templatesOn demand migration: No action other than open and save
Note: If you are not using the Style Library, styles are cached in the template –see FAQ
This is the recommended method for migrating custom templates
Custom StylesStyle Library ManagerThis is the recommended method for migrating custom styles
Custom Content Center librariesContent Center update processThis is the only available method for migrating custom libraries

Skipping releases
Task SchedulerThis is the recommended method If you skip over 1 or more releases

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