27 Oct 2011

Quick F Reminder

I am sure most people will be aware of AutoCAD F (Function) Keys, but we thought a quick reminder would be useful for newer users, or those who didn't realise.

So, by default the following F Keys will give you the relevant result:
  • F1 - Shows help
  • F2 - Shows the text window (History of used commnads)
  • F3 - OSNAP on/off
  • F4 - 3DOSNAP on/off
  • F5 - Cycles isometric planes
  • F6 - Dynamic UCS on/off
  • F7 - Grid on/off
  • F8 - Ortho on/off
  • F9 - Snap on/off 
  • F10 - Polar on/off
  • F11 - Object Snap Tracking on/off 
  • F12 - Dynamic input on/off


  1. great thanks

    I would love love to remove f1
    how can i do that?

  2. Hi scoot9, to remove the default F1 key function. You will need to go into the AutoCAD CUI, then find a command such as Cancel in the Command List. Drag this from the Command List into the Shortcut Keys section under Customisations in All Files (Top left section). Cancel will then appear in the Shortcuts section on the right, when you click on the Shorcut Keys folder. From here simply select the Cancel shortcut, then change the Key in the information (bottom right section) to F1.

    This means that F1 still does something, i.e. Cancel, it just doesn't bring up Help. Hope this helps, let us know.