24 Oct 2011

iLogic Forms

With Inventor 2012 came the incorporation of iLogic Forms, which gives you the ability to create very quick and easy to use Parameter or iLogic driven entry Forms.

These Forms can be as simple or complex as you require, but to give you a taste of what they are all about, we have set out a basic example below. This example is to create a Form, which allows us to change size Parameters (no iLogic rules) in a simple Square Hollow section.
  • The first step is to create our model, during which we have renamed the sketch Parameters which make up our shape. This makes them easier to identify, also the names will come straight through onto our Form.

  • Now go to the Manage > click iLogic to expand the list > Add Form.

  • You will be asked to enter a suitable Name for the Form, you can have more than one Form in a model.

  • Once in the Form Editor, you simply drag the Parameters you require on the left, onto the Form layout on the right. You can add different things to the Form, from a Picture of the model, to Tab Groups or Groups.

  • Once saved you can then access the Form from the iLogic Browser, again on the Manage TAB. Now you can modify the sizes of a model without going into the Parameters or modifying Sketches/Features.

Obviously you can start to build this, including iLogic Rules to calculate Parameters automatically from other Inputs. Or creating Custom Properties to turn features on/off with a True/False Property or creating a list of standard lengths to pick from. Have a go yourself to see what can be achieved.


  1. Can you add google translate gadget


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  2. Hi Johan, I have added the Google Translate tool to the Blog. Not knowning Swedish, I don't know how well it translates. But hopefully this will help you :-)

    Thanks for your feedback and following.