22 Aug 2011

Autodesk Vault Webclient Does not Show Items/Files

When working in the Autodesk Vault Webclient for Vault Collaboration/Professional 2011/2012 you may have noticed that your Items and/or Files are not showing. Instead you just see a status icon saying Loading:

This can happen if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 which is currently not supported in Autodesk Vault 2011 and Autodesk Vault 2012, or any earlier release of Autodesk Vault! To find out which browsers are supported by the Autodesk Vault Webclient see your Autodesk Vault Readme.

However, one possible work around, which appears to work with Internet Explorer 9, is to load the page in Compatibility View (Tools > Compatibility View):

This is an extract from the Cracking the Vault, Manufacturing Community Blog

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