19 Oct 2010

Create Tool Palettes From Block Libraries

If you already have a drawing that you consider to be a standard, you may want to use the Blocks from that drawing on future versions. The easiest way to manage the Blocks is using a Tool Palette, where you can quickly access these standard Blocks from any drawing. You may think that this will be a time consuming task, dragging each Block in the drawing to the new Tool Palette, but you would be wrong.

You can simply use the Design Center and create a Tool Palette within a few clicks!
  • Open the Design Center, you will find this on the View TAB of the Ribbon.

  • If you have the standard drawing containing the Blocks open fine, otherwise browse to find the file. Expand the + sign, right click on the Blocks folder and select Create Tool Palette from the flyout menu.

  • Your new standard Blocks Tool Palette will now appear.

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