19 Oct 2010

Check your Vault Backup NOW

When running Autodesk Data Management Server, you should use the tools provided within the software to create a Backup. The Backup tools create a complete snapshot of the Vault Database, Filestore and Custom Content Centre Libraries that can be archived to tape using your existing company Backup software.

The Backup tool provides a series of command line driven features that can be run on the server via a batch routine. The Batch Routine should be Run Every Day after the Vault users have finished working and it should Complete prior to the start of main Company Backup. As the amount of data in the Vault increases, you should re-check the timings to ensure the ADMS Backup completes before the main backup begins. Automate the backup by configuring a Windows Scheduled Task to run the Batch Routine every day. Be aware that the Scheduled Task is authenticated by a Windows user. If the password for the Windows user is changed, the Scheduled Task and therefore the Vault Backup will fail.

Do not assume that your IT Department are backing up the server and all data is recoverable. Archiving live SQL databases may not be possible with your backup software. Without the Databases, the Vault Filestore is not usable. Vault data restoration should be detailed specifically within your Company Disaster Recovery Plan. Test your Backup and know that should the worst happen you can Restore the data with the minimum of delay.

See Micro Concepts Technical Document - TD0170 - ADMS2011 Server Backup

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