23 Aug 2013

Removing the 2500 object limit on the Ribbon in AutoCAD

If you've ever had an issue changing object properties from the ribbon, and you are working with a VERY large drawing - you've probably run into the 2500 object limit set by the AutoCAD development team.

2500 objects selected?  No problem.... but if you have 2501 objects selected?  Then everything goes wrong.

Dieter Schlaepfer (Autodesk) came up with a means of surpassing the 2500 object limit by setting the RIBBONCONTEXTSELLIM system variable. This (hard to remember) system variable can be set as high as 32767.

Note:  For performance reasons, the number of objects that can be changed at one time from the ribbon property controls is limited to 2500 by default.

If you're running into object limits with the standard Properties or Quick Properties command - take a look at the PROPOBJLIMIT system variable.  Same default, same limits apply here.

Posted by Andy (Application Engineer)

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