25 Apr 2013

Want to see Autodesk PLM 360 in action?

Have you heard about PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) being used at large design, engineering & manufacturing customers and the benefits it has to offer? But when looking into how you could use PLM within your organisation, you've seen a price tag and implementation thats made you cringe?

Well if you want to find out how you can implement PLM within your organisation to help you streamline processes within Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Projects etc, improve collaboration internally & externally and do all this at a fraction of the cost and implementation, you should attend one of the free Autodesk PLM 360 webinars.
If you've never seen or heard of Autodesk PLM 360, this free 60 minute webinar will give you enough of an introduction so you can see exactly how it can be used within your organisation for:
  • Engineering Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Change Management
  • LEAN
  • Quality
  • Supply Chain
  • New Product Introduction
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Project\Program Management
  • Plus much more
If you hre looking to improve the processes within your business, implementing LEAN initiatives or feel that you could be doing things better, then these webinars are for you.
You can join the 60 minute webinar from the comfort of your own chair and office and hear from Autodesks Gavin England who will provide an introduction and live demonstration of PLM 360's capability as well as how it is already helping many businesses in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

To register and confirm your free place on the webinar, use the link below....

Enjoy the webinar!

Posted by Andy Roe (Application Engineer)

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