11 Dec 2012

Certain Express Tools do not Function in AutoCAD Electrical 2013

This is apparently a known issue in AutoCAD Electrical 2013, whereby some of the Express Tools files are not loaded and maintained on starting AutoCAD Electrical.
This means that certain tools, such as Text to MText do not function.
However there is a fix:
  • Start AutoCAD Electrical
  • Type appload at the commandline
  • Click on Contents under Startup Suite
  • Hit Add in the Startup Suite dialog
  • Browse to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Acade 2013\Express
  • Using CTRL select the following files - sysvdlg.arx, ctextapp.arx, dimsio.arx, leaderex.arx and mocoro.arx
  • Click Open
  • Now close all dialogs and check the Express Tools which were not working (i.e. Text to MText)
  • You can always double check by closing AutoCAD Electrical 2013 and restart to ensure it maintains these files

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