23 Apr 2012

Autodesk Suites 2013: Deployment path can easily exceed 256 [260] characters

When creating a deployment for your Suite, please try to keep the deployment path as short as possible or you may get an Error 2350 - FDI server error.

The number of characters in the a sub-component of the Suite past the AdminImage can be quite long and you may not notice this problem until you create the deployment. Here is a sample path of a file in Autodesk

Infrastructure Modeler 2012 Premium:

\\fl1\shared\Apps\Programs\Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler 2013\AdminImage\x64\Components\ESM\Program Files 64\Autodesk\Essential_Skills_Movies\3dsMax_Design_2013\de-DE\html\essential_skills_movies\design\resources\images\esm_design_2_create_objects_36x36.png

The number of characters starting at AdminImage is 196 characters and the Windows character limit is 260 characters. About 75% of the path is taken up by the Suite.

This is an extract from the Up and Ready, Manufacturing Community Blog

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