31 Jan 2012

Mix up your AutoCAD Ribbon Panels

The whole AutoCAD interface is highly customisable, but mostly requires users to delve into the CUI (Custom User Interface) to make changes. An easy, quick change that everyone can use is to move Panels off the Ribbon when you need certain tools or even move Panels onto a Ribbon TAB where you use them more often (more of a drag and drop affair).
  • Simply click on the dark bar along the bottom of any Panel, then drag down onto the workspace. This will detach the Panel and create a Floating Toolbar.

  • To reattach a Panel to the Ribbon you can simply hover over the new Floating Toolbar, then click on the small icon illustrated below. This will put the Panel back where it came from on the Ribbon interface.

  • Alternatively you can drag the dark bar along the bottom of any Panel, moving the Panel back up to the Ribbon, where you can chose its insert position. You could also do this with other Panels from other TAB's on the Ribbon.

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