30 Dec 2011

Sheet Metal Flat Pattern Export

After creating a Sheet Metal Flat Pattern you are likely to want this sending to a supplier or CNC machine in DXF, DWG format. You could create a Drawing and do a Save Copy As (AutoCAD DWG or DXF), however you can export a Flat Pattern straight from the Model file in SAT, DXF or DWG.

To do this open your Sheet Metal part, which has a Flat Pattern, then right click on the top level of the Flat Pattern > Save Copy As. Set the required format (SAT, DXF, DWG), location and name. For a SAT file you can specify the Version. For DXF, DWG you will be prompted with various settings you can adjust to get the required output, see screenshot below.

Tip: If you need to export a DXF without the Bend Lines, you can turn off the Layer in the DXF Export Options dialogue (Layer TAB). However some applications will still bring in the Bend Lines, for these situations you can create a Post Process xml which deletes the Layers for the Bend Lines.

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