4 May 2010

SQL Server incompatible version error

If you are using SQL 2005 for your Vault 2011 installation it must be patched to Service Pack 3. For SQL 2008, it must be at Service Pack 1. If they are not updated, you will receive an error stating the version of SQL is incompatible. To correct the issue, cancel the installation and update SQL to the required Service Pack. Once it is updated than you can install Vault 2011. The updates are available through Windows Automatic Update or Direct Download from Microsoft via the links below:

SQL 2005 SP3 for Workgroup, Standard, Developer and Enterprise Editions

SQL 2005 SP3 for Express Edition (Free version)

SQL 2008 SP1 for Workgroup, Standard, Developer and Enterprise Editions

SQL 2008 SP1 for Express Edition (Free version)

Please refer to theVault 2011 Readme for the system requirements for installation.

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